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The essence of bookkeeping is to keep good control of business revenue and costs.  It is essential to know what a business is worth and to be able to plan and project forward.  Bookkeeping can be done manually, using spread sheets or one of the many commercial packages available.

The ICB examinations involved the production of both manual and computerised accounts using Sage Instant Accounts (now marketed as Sage 50 Accounts Essential).

HMRC’s digital drive will make manual bookkeeping unsustainable.  Spreadsheets will need to be supported by bridging software but to date Google, Microsoft etc. have no known plans to provide bridging software.  This leaves the providers of commercial accountancy packages.

For my part I am a Quick Books on Line (QBO) Certified Pro Adviser and have clients that use QBO.  I find it to be an excellent package.   However, I am concerned about their commercial advertising where they make the product sound almost too good to be true.  Misunderstandings, that I have found from new users that do not have a basic understanding of bookkeeping include:

  • Not understanding the differences between revenue and capital expenditure.
  • Not undertaking bank reconciliations.
  • Not including payroll details.
  • Not understanding which Expenses constitute eligible Business Expenses and not then providing meaningful breakdowns.

I can provide coaching to the ‘in house’ team if so required.  Some clients prefer to do some tasks such as the issuing of invoices themselves whilst delegating other work to me.  The ‘mix’ can be changed as our partnership develops.  On the other hand, businesses with the relevant ‘in house’ skills might consider it to be more cost effective to outsource.

PAy staff easily and on time


For processing payroll, I use the Desk Top product MoneySoft Payroll Manager.  It is relatively easy to transfer data from another payroll system to MoneySoft.  Payrolls can be produced, weekly, four weekly or monthly and can accommodate up to 250 employees.  It is HMRC recognised for PAYE and is always up to date with the latest HMRC regulations. 

Payroll Manager has features to support the Automatic Enrolment of Workplace Pensions.  The system can communicate directly with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and can also provide output files for many of the major pension providers.  Where clients do not have an arrangement with a pensions provider, I use the pension provider True Potential which has its own purpose- built auto enrolment software.  True Potential combines its investment manager expertise with advanced wealth platform technology so potentially offers better returns.

Businesses with no more than five employees that use Quick Books on Line might consider using their payroll solution.  It has all the required functionality and has the added advantage of automatically journaling the payroll data into the bookkeeping system.

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Self Assessment Tax Returns

I am registered with HMRC as an Agent for self assessment tax returns.  To date, I have not found a need to use commercial software but have simply filed by using the HMRC service.  I have, of course, used data from my bookkeeping and payroll records as and when appropriate.

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D B Bookkeeping

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